How to Fix “Comcast Xfinity Internet Not Working” Issue?


If you are experiencing trouble with your Comcast Xfinity internet, there can be numerous reasons responsible for this. Some of the possible reasons include slow bandwidth, incorrect configuration, infected system, etc. In order to overcome the problem with your Comcast Xfinity internet, you will need to follow the workarounds provided below. Steps to “Fix Comcast Xfinity Internet Not Working” Issus Test Your Internet Speed Before performing any other workarounds, it is suggested to first test the speed of your Comcast. As you must be aware of the downloading and uploading…

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How To Fix “Skype Camera Not Working” Issue

Camera not working in Skype

While there are numerous ways to use your Skype application such as for text messaging, file sharing, voice calls, group calls, etc. however, it is mainly used by professionals for carrying out video conferencing. The video calling quality of Skype is said to be one of the best in industry, however, sometimes, some users experience trouble with the camera in their Skype account. If you are also facing issue with your Camera in your Skype account, you can follow the workaround provided below. Guide to Fix Camera Issue in Skype…

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How to Set Out of Office Auto-Reply in Outlook

auto reply in outlook

Owing to its several suitable features, Outlook is a preferred email platform for business communication. Its automatic reply feature lets you send emails to people when you are on vacation. So, this is something that every user would look forward to. As the name suggests, this auto-reply feature needs to be configured well in advance so that next time you are out of the office or unavailable, the email sender will be notified about your absence. 5 Steps To Configure Automatic Reply in Outlook Follow the below-mentioned instructions to send…

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How to Make Yahoo My Homepage (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

make yahoo homepage

Are you a regular Yahoo service seeker? Do you use Yahoo most often? Why not make Yahoo your homepage? Accessing Yahoo and using its other services will be easier than ever when you change your browser homepage to the Yahoo site. However, the procedure to make Yahoo your homepage varies from browser to browser. “How to Make Yahoo My Homepage?” – Your question has been answered in the following ways. In this article, we have discussed the methods to carry out the task. How to Make Yahoo My Homepage (Chrome,…

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Facing Skype Call Quality Issue – Fixed

Skype Call Quality

Skype offers free audio and video calling for individuals and groups. It is one of the best applications for video calling. Through conference calling you can get connected with friends and family members living far away. However, Skype users sometimes get poor quality issue during their calls. This issue can be due to varied reasons. Are you also having issues with your Skype call quality? In order to resolve the poor call quality problem, following measures can be taken. The measures have to be applied by you as well as…

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How to Add Contacts on Skype?

add skype contact

Skype is an instant messaging app that offers free messaging and calling (audio and video) to its users. The business version allows smooth and quick online business meetings making work much easier than before. Here is a guide on how to add contacts on Skype. The first step you would like to do after installing Skype is ‘Adding Contacts.’ It is of no use without contacts. Adding contacts to your Skype is an easy process. If you have Skype user name of the person, it will become easier to find the…

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Is Your HP Printer Not Printing? Know How To Fix

hp printer not printing

HP printers are stylish and versatile to use at home and offices. You can find them for different needs such as small work teams, business requirements, commercial and industrial presses etc. but, sometimes little glitches can interrupt the printing experience. Here is a solution to one such common error. Do you see the error ‘Unable to print this document’? If yes, you can consider the following measures to solve printing issue with your HP printer: Check that you are connected to the printer. To do this; go to Control Panel…

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How To Fix Yahoo Email Slow Server Response Issue

Yahoo email slow

Signed-in to your Yahoo email account and now you are sitting and waiting for that loading icon to stop. It is annoying. The loading stops and you see an error ‘Problem loading this page.’ Now, you can’t access your inbox and an important email needs a quick reply. Slow server response issue is faced with every email service. Although it gets corrected automatically but here are some fixes for those who can’t wait for the automatic fix. These fixes can be applied with almost all email services. You can try…

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Know How To Update Webroot Antivirus

how to update webroot antivirus

It is extremely important to keep your antivirus updated frequently for security reasons. No matter whether it is for Antivirus or any other application or operating system updates, the updates offer you with an enhanced and better features and usability. So, whenever you get a notification for your Antivirus updates or any other updates, make sure you allow it. If you are not able to update Webroot Antivirus and looking for a solution for this issue, then below are the steps that can help you get rid of the issue….

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Know How To Update Trend Micro

how to update trend micro

Any antivirus can fail to provide protection against newer online threats if the virus definitions are not kept up to date frequently. If you don’t keep your Antivirus updated regularly, your computer is constantly at the risk of getting affected by the virus, malware, spyware, adware, ransomware etc. Be it Norton, Avast, Panda or Trend Micro, every Antivirus service provider offers updates at regular intervals to help you keep your computer and its content protected from foreign malicious risks. However, if you are experiencing issues in updating your Trend Micro…

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