Facebook Customer Service Phone Number

Facebook Customer Service

Socializing has always been an important part of human lives. We live in the age of technology that has offered us various attractive ways to socialize. Facebook is one of the best and most preferred means to stay in contact with friends and family members and to communicate with them. Reliable Facebook customer support and various unique and attractive features have attracted billions of Facebook users worldwide. Facebook has its application not just for personal communication but for businesses as well.

How to Contact Official Facebook Customer Service?

Facebook is offering the following options to avail solutions for technical problems the users may have to experience with Facebook:

Facebook Community Help Center: Users can visit the official community to find solutions to their problems. There are various users who have shared the problems they were facing and have received solutions from technical support and other users. If a user is unable to find the solution, he is required to create a new thread to get the solution.

Reporting a Problem: Facebook lets its users report a problem through the following link:


It can be slow in nature but the Facebook technical support will offer you a reliable solution to your problem.

Facebook Support Center: The support center features a number of common problems and their solutions. The users can avail instant solutions to their problem but the page is limited in nature and the users may have to visit a number of pages to find the required solution.

Contacting Customer Support via Phone: The best way to get a reliable solution is by contacting official customer care by phone number. It is a faster and more reliable source to get the most suitable solution to any Facebook problem.

Help & Support Department Contact Information
Facebook Help Centerhttps://www.facebook.com/help/
Support inboxhttps://www.facebook.com/support/?ref=hc_global_nav
Facebook Help Communityhttps://www.facebook.com/help/community

Common Facebook Problems:

Though Facebook is one of the leading social networks it fails when it comes to offering 100% error-free services to the users. There are different problems that Facebook users have experienced. Facebook is offering various sources to avail solutions to these issues. Whenever a user is having any problem, he can refer to the official Facebook customer service to get a suitable solution to his Facebook issue. Followings are some of the problems of Facebook:

  • Unable to login to your Facebook account
  • Username/Password invalid error
  • Facebook page is not responding
  • Unable to load the Facebook page properly or completely
  • Cannot change profile image or banner
  • Unable to update your status on Facebook
  • Forgot Facebook password
  • Hacked Facebook account
  • Posting images not working
  • Unable to make a video call
  • Unable to contact tech support
  • Unable to comment
  • Facebook chatting issues
  • Privacy settings issues
  • Video sharing is not working
  • Web page link sharing causing trouble
  • Unable to make changes to Facebook settings
  • Games on Facebook crash
  • Account security setting issues

Attractive Facebook Features:

  • Facebook’s “wall” is the profile space of a user where he can share anything he wants
  • Adding people to your friend’s list or befriending with people
  • Sharing images, videos, latest happening or anything else you want to share with your circle of friends on Facebook
  • Sharing some interesting links of website pages that can attract others as well
  • Chatting with friends
  • Facebook customer care to avail solutions
  • Video calling
  • Mobile apps
  • File sharing via Facebook chat or Messenger
  • Facebook pages for business entities to promote their businesses
  • Facebook groups for people to interact with each other on a certain topic
  • “Events” keeps you posted for all the upcoming events and birthdays

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