Internet Explorer Customer Service Phone Number

Known by many names such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Internet Explorer, IE, or MSIE, Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browsers in the history of the internet. During 2002-03, IE was the most widely used web browser in the world. However, with the introduction of other browsers in the market, IE’s share in the market has declined significantly.

Most Common Issues in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been a leading browser for a very long time, with updated versions being released frequently by the company. However, technology will always bring some sort of issues and glitches regardless of the updates and versions one introduces. Some of the issues associated with Internet Explorer are given below:

  • Unable to load the page
  • Download error
  • Connectivity error
  • Error codes
  • Windows crashes, freezes, or hangs
  • Add-ons, plugins, or third-party programs issue.

Contact Internet Explorer Customer Service

In order to troubleshoot or diagnose any issue in your Internet Explorer web browser, you can contact Internet Explorer customer service by following the below-mentioned support options:

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