How To Fix Yahoo Email Slow Server Response Issue

Signed-in to your Yahoo email account and now you are sitting and waiting for that loading icon to stop. It is annoying. The loading stops and you see an error ‘Problem loading this page.’ Now, you can’t access your inbox and an important email needs a quick reply. Slow server response issue is faced with every email service. Although it gets corrected automatically here are some fixes for those who can’t wait for the automatic fix. These fixes can be applied to almost all email services.

You can try the following to resolve the slow server response issue. Apply them all to see which one works for you. These are the common fixes suggested by experts on online forums and can be applied easily without any technical help.

  • If you are using an older version of web browser, update it to the latest one. Yahoo (or other email services) works best with the latest browser versions.
  • Delete all the temporary files and cookies from the browser’s menu. Find steps for doing so on the web.
  • Make sure you have stable internet connection with good speed.
  • Disable your antivirus for a while and then try accessing your email. You can enable the antivirus later when you are done.
  • Reduce the numbers of emails to be shown on a single page. This allows quick loading of inbox/mailbox.

Remove or disable browser add-ons. You can find out the add-on that is causing trouble by disabling all add-ons and then enabling them one by one. After you enable an add-on refresh the loading page, if the inbox is loaded then this add-on is good. Identify the troublesome add-on and delete it if it is not important. And, if it is important you can disable it and complete your work before enabling it.

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