WordPress Customer Service Phone Number

WordPress Customer Service

WordPress is a worldwide popular open-source blogging and website content management system (CMS) which allows any user to easily build their website which is SEO friendly and comprising easy-to-understand features and functionalities. Check out what are the WordPress common issues users face and how WordPress customer service handles and try to give the best support to their users.

Why You Need WordPress Customer Service

Although WordPress is an ultimate tool to build a website, however, there are certain issue and errors that may hurdle you from performing certain tasks on your WordPress website. Some of such issues are:

  • White Screen of Death: In this error, a user only sees a blank page when trying to access your page. The reason behind this issue can be a compatibility problem, plugin-error etc.
  • Maintenance Mode Error: Whenever a user updates the WordPress to a newer version, he may get temporary maintenance error on the website.
  • Error Establishing a Database Connection: This error occurs when your WordPress account is not able to set up a connection with your database.
  • Connection Timed Out: Connection timed out error means that server are overloaded or they are configured inappropriately.
  • Error 145: This error code means that the database of your WordPress is either corrupt or damaged.

How to Contact WordPress Customer Service?

In case of any problem with your WordPress program or for any query related to WordPress operation, you can get assistance from following Official WordPress Customer Service mediums.

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