Facing Skype Call Quality Issue – Fixed

Skype offers free audio and video calling for individuals and groups. It is one of the best applications for video calling. Through conference calling you can get connected with friends and family members living far away.

However, Skype users sometimes get poor quality issues during their calls. This issue can be due to varied reasons. Are you also having issues with your Skype call quality? In order to resolve the poor call quality problem, the following measures can be taken. The measures have to be applied by you as well as by the person you are calling.

  • Install the latest version of Skype if either of you is using an older version. Skype features work best in the latest version. Download Skype from the official website.
  • Check for the minimum system requirements. You will find a guide on online Skype support centre for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and others.
  • Make sure to have a stable and fast internet connection (Wi-Fi or wired.)
  • If you are accessing Skype through Laptop (which is working on power-saving mode), switch back to maximum performance mode or plug the laptop to AC power.
  • Test your Microphone, speakers and webcam by making a test call in Skype. It is suggested to perform this before every business call to save time and embarrassment.
  • If you are on a group call (if you are the host), make sure your computer’s processing power and network bandwidth is capable of supporting the call. Having a large number of people on call can sometimes result in quality issues. You can try reducing the number of people on the call.
  • Restarting Skype can also resolve the issue. Sign out and sign in again to see if the call quality gets better.

These are the recommended solutions on the Skype support center and they will surely work to resolve your issue.

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