Twitter Customer Service Phone Number

Twitter Customer Service

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users interact with other users through messages called ‘tweets.’

How to Contact Twitter Customer Service?

Twitter doesn’t have any toll-free phone number. Users can alternatively contact the Twitter Customer Service team via below-mentioned option:

Twitter Help Center
24/7 Direct Message Support

Sometimes users face issues with their tweets and other features of the Twitter account. Some common issues are mentioned below.

Common Issues with Twitter Account

  • Changes to user’s account settings are not saving: User is making changes to his account’s settings and getting an error message while saving them.
  • Trouble in uploading profile photo: An error occurs while uploading profile photo.
  • Missing Tweets: Tweets on user’s profile are missing after a specified date.
  • Hash tags or replies aren’t working: Reply option is not working as expected also there is difficulty in using hash tags (#).
  • Blocked account: When you visit someone’s profile, you see a message that your account has been blocked by that person.

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