Skype Customer Service Phone Number

Skype has its own unique place among all the available most modern means of communication. It is one of the most reliable and faster means of communication that has applications for home users as well as for the large corporate sectors. Skype Customer Service and its impressive features have made it a huge success. Skype enjoys a fan following of billions of users all over the world.

How to Contact Official Skype Customer Service?

Skype has always taken very good care of its users. The users can avail solutions via the following official sources:

  • Support Request page: In order to avail solution via the support request page, you have to sign in to your account first. It will provide you some options to select the most appropriate one. At the end, it can offer you an option to access the tech support via email or live chat. It is a lengthy process and requires the user to go through various selections and click.
  • Social Network Pages: Skype solutions can be availed via the social network pages of Skype. It is offering solutions via its Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube. The users can get suitable solutions via the social network pages of Skype but they have to be very patient.
  • Email: Email is a reliable way to avail solutions by the Skype experts but it can take longer to get a solution. So, in order to get solution via email, a user may have to wait longer.
  • Live Chat: One of the most suitable ways to get best solutions faster is by live chat with the Skype technical support But the option is limited to certain and most complicated issues only. In addition, Skype decides that which user should have the live chat option.
  • Skype Customer Service Phone Number: The best and most preferred way to get a reliable solution at a faster pace is through the toll free number of Skype that is available for the users from Canada and USA.

Help & Support Department Contact Information
Skype Help - User Guide
Skype Help Community
Skype Support Request Page (Sign-in Required)

Common Skype Problems:

Skype is prone to different technical problems because of the number of technicalities involved. Facing any problem can be frustrating for anyone. Skype understands the fact very well, which is why it is offering reliable Skype customer support to the users. Whenever a user is having any problem with the Skype services, he can avail a reliable solution via the official customer support even through the phone number. Some of the common Skype problems include:

  • Cannot login to Skype account
  • Skype server not responding
  • Skype crashes at startup
  • Text messages not delivered
  • Cannot make a call, either video or voice
  • Unable to call on mobile or landline
  • Unable to start or join a conference call
  • Poor voice quality
  • Low quality of video
  • Mobile apps problems

Features of Skype:

The impressive features of Skype include the followings:

  • Chatting with friends
  • Emoticons available for chatting
  • Rich text formatting
  • Chatting history for future reference
  • Free voice calling to Skype contacts
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • High quality Video calling
  • Reliable solutions via Skype customer services
  • Calling on landline and mobiles
  • Conference calling
  • Instant file sharing option
  • Screen sharing
  • Available for computers as well as for mobile devices and tablets

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