How To Install AVG Antivirus On Your System?

An Antivirus is a software that helps you to protect your computer from viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other unwanted hacking attempts which can seriously damage your computer. A trojan can access your email, steal personal data like banking information and send it to another server or computer without your authorization. So, how you can be safe? Well! Installing an antivirus program is the solution. Here you will know how to install AVG Antivirus on your system.

Install AVG Antivirus

In order to install the antivirus without having any trouble, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • It is highly recommended to download the latest version of the antivirus. So go to the AVG download page and select the right product
  • After the completion of download, run the file to start installation
  • Simply follow the instructions and provide the information it may ask during the installation
  • If there is any conflicting software installed on your computer, the installation wizard will let you know
  • Uninstall the conflicting software to continue
  • At the ending part, it will ask you licence information. Simply enter the details and continue
  • It will validate the information and will complete the installation without any problem.

It is recommended that you always install a genuine copy of the AVG antivirus. Never install duplicate or pirated copies from the Internet as either it might not work properly or may damage the computer. Keep the automatic updates on for AVG antivirus. You may require a network connection to update the AVG antivirus. If your system has already been infected then install the operating system once again before you install a fresh copy of the AVG antivirus. Never install two antivirus programs simultaneously as they will conflict with each other and damage your system instead of protecting it.

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