How To Fix Network Printer Delay in Brother Printer?

Slow printing problems in your Wireless Brother printer can be very troublesome. It becomes more annoying if you are not able to know the exact reason behind it. The speed of a printer depends on numerous factors such as quality, size, colors, paper quality, printer settings, network, and much more. Where wireless printing is used to make things more convenient, sluggish printing hampers it. In order to get rid of network printer delay in Brother Printer, you can take the following measures to improve the speed as well as the quality of prints.

Steps to fix Network Printer Delay With Brother Printer

  1. Make sure the printer is configured with proper and accurate network settings
  2. Your router is updated with the latest firmware
  3. Selecting a router that offers 5 GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz and supports 802.11n is recommended for improved wireless printing
  4. If your printer is too far from the router, placing it near the router can improve the delayed printing issue
  5. Adding a Wi-Fi extender can be very helpful if the printer and router are placed far away from one another.

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