Acer Customer Service Phone Number

Acer Customer Service

Acer’s line of computer products includes Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Chromebook, Tablets, Convertible etc. The company was rated as the 6th largest Personal Computer vendor in the world in 2015. Although such a repute and position in the market doesn’t keep the Acer products safe against the technical and non-technical issue, however, the company tries to make-up for it by offering excellent customer service.

Contact Acer Customer Service

Acer customer service is available via multiple communication channels. You can call them, have a live chat or you can take assistance via how-to videos. Customers can find the contact details of Acer customer service below.

Common Issues with Apple Mac Computers

1.) Monitor Issue: Acer monitor now displaying anything when it’s kept in standby mode.

2.) Unstable Display: Glitches in image and videos on is another very common problems faced by Acer computer users.

3.) Boot Issue: Acer laptop screen freezes on the logo and doesn’t process further even after waiting for an hour.

4.) WiFI Connection Problem: Internet is working fine when connected via cable but not via WiFi connection.

5.) Slow Response: Keys and Trackpad seem to be responding slowly to the actions. The problem could be either with the hardware or it could be due to some technical error.

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