Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number

Developed by Mozilla Corporation (a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation), Firefox is considered the world’s second most used web browser. Available on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, Firefox is a fast, secure and reliable web browser that comprises everything a user expects from a browser.

How to Contact Mozilla Firefox support?

In case of any issue in your Mozilla Firefox web browser, you can seek assistance from the Mozilla Firefox support links:

Most Common Issues in Mozilla Firefox

Like other web browsers, Mozilla Firefox is vulnerable to several common issues. However, the company is known for providing good customer support to troubleshoot and diagnose user-reported problems. Some of these common issues are:

  • Slow response
  • Firefox stops working
  • Crashing of tabs or windows frequently.
  • Error codes
  • Syncing error
  • Unable to save settings or remember information
  • Issues with add-ons, plugins, or third-party software.

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