TRENDnet Customer Support Service Phone Number

TRENDnet is one of the leading networking hardware brands in the US. Providing everything from Wireless Routers, Switches, POE, Surveillance, KVM, to Fiber, USB, Wired, and Surveillance products, TRENDnet is the one-stop spot for all your home and office networking and security hardware needs. One of the most preferred products of TRENDnet is its wide range of wireless routers. Whether you need wireless internet for your office use or home purpose, TRENDnet routers are an ideal choice. While the TRENDnet routers are reliable and durable, if you still face any issue ever with your router, TRENDnet customer support is always there for your assistance.

Why You Need TRENDnet Router Customer Service?

Technical issues and glitches can occur in any hardware due to different reasons and TRENDnet routers are no exception. However, this should never be considered as a problem with TRENDnet products. One or the other sorts of issue are common with all hardware brands. Some of the most common issues that user face with TRENDnet routers are mentioned below.

1.) How to set up a guest network on the TRENDnet Router?

2.) Having problem configuring wireless settings, changing Wi-Fi or deactivating a wireless radio.

3) How to access and configure the TRENDnet router?

4.) How to know the default settings on the TRENDnet router?

5.) When trying to connect to the router, getting prompted for PIN. Where to find the PIN?

6.) Unable to reset the TRENDbit router.

7.) Problem forwarding ports in the TRENDnet router.

8.) Internet speed is very slow.

9.) Unable to access the router’s web-based setup page.

10.) Unable to update the firmware for the router.

If you ever face any of the above-mentioned issues or if you need assistance with any other problem or query, feel free to reach the TRENDnet customer support.

At TRENDnet customer support, you can get the best possible assistance for your router related issues and queries. As there are different options available for solutions, you can seek assistance as per your preference. Whether you need to register your product or a complaint about your product, you can get all your answer at TRENDnet router customer service.

How to Contact TRENDnet Router Customer Service?

TRENDnet Customer Support offers numerous options to get assistance for your issue or query related to routers and other TRENDnet products. From product registration to technical support, you can seek assistance for everything here.

Tech Support:

Contact Tech Support: 1 (866) 845-3673 (24/7 Toll-Free Telephone)

TRENDnet Premium Support:

Contact TRENDnet Premium Support (Chargeable): +1-866-994-1451

Support Ticket:

Product Registration:


So, these are the TRENDnet customer support options you can choose from to get assistance for your router and TRENDnet products. For more information, you can visit the official website of TRENDnet at

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