Synology Router Customer Support Contact Number

Synology routers have been in the business for a very long time. Their routers are recommended by many users for both home and small offices alike. Synology routers are known for offering comprehensive VPN solutions, flexible media, file sharing, and enhanced security options. Whether you wish to use it on your Smartphone or your Computer, setting up Synology Router is a walkover. And if you ever find any trouble with your router, Synology customer support is always there to help you get rid of the issue.

Why you Need Synology Router Customer Support Service?

Although Synology routers are reliable, however, some issues and errors can occur one or the other time due to various reasons. Some of the most common issues and errors faced by Synology router users are listed below.

1.) Having problem setting up Synology router on computer or mobile devices.

2.) WLAN clients sometimes lose connection and can’t reconnect to the router afterwards.

3.) Unable to update the firmware for Synology router.

4.) Synology router can’t connect to the internet.

5.) WiFi keeps on getting disconnected.

6.) Authentication problem occurring when trying to access the internet on mobile devices.

7.) Internet speed is very slow even when using the device near to the router.

8.) Unable to reset the WiFi name and password for Synology router.

9.) How to reset the Synology router to its default settings?

10.) How to know the default settings of Synology router.

So, these are some of the issues and queries of the Synology router users. If you also face any sort of issues or have any queries related to Synology routers, you can always reach the Synology customer support to get assistance for your problem.

With Synology Customer Support, you can always be assured of getting the best possible solution or answer for all your problem or queries. Synology customer support offers multiple options for assistance which makes it easy and fast for customers to get assistance for their problem quickly and conveniently.

How to Contact Synology Router Customer Support Service?

Reaching Synology customer support is easy. The company offers numerous options to the customers to seek assistance as per their preference and requirements. From dedicated customer support phone number to report an error, you will find almost all sorts of mediums to get your issue solved or query answered. Following are the Synology router customer support options you can choose and get appropriate assistance in less time.

Office Contacts:

  • +1 425 296 3177 (Support)

Hours of operation: 4AM-9PM, Monday-Friday, PST

  • +1 425 818 1587 (Other inquiries)

Hours of operation: 9AM-4PM, Monday-Friday, PST

Product Inquiries:

Technical Support:

Download Center:

Product Status:

Service Status:

Replacement Service:

Social Media Pages

So, these are the various options available at Synology customer support. Choose any of the options and get assistance for your issue or query in the best possible manner. For more information, you can visit the Synology’s official website via

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