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Cisco is a reputed company which is known for building networking devices such as Switches, Access Points, Network Security, Networking Management, Networking Software, and Router. The company is regarded as a leader in the Networking domain and produces some of the best Routers in the industry. While Cisco has a wide range of Routers to meet office and home requirements of the end-users, its 880 Series, 2900 Series and 3900 Series of routers are the popular ones. In addition, what makes the company stand apart from others in the routers industry is the reliable service offered by Cisco customer support. Although rare, however, if you ever have trouble or query related to a router or any other product or services by the company, you can seek assistance from Cisco customer support.

When You Need Cisco Router Support

Some issues and errors are common in all brands’ routers and Cisco routers are no exception. A Cisco router user can face any sort of technical issue or error with his router one or the other time due to various reasons. Some of the common Cisco router related issues are.

 Configuration Error

Configuration error occurs when you are trying to connect your router with the incorrect configuration settings. Make sure that you have the correct and up-to-date configuration settings available with you when setting up the router.

 Bad or Improper Cable Type

The improper cable issue can lead to the inability of the unit to maintain the functioning like bypass switch. To overcome such cable issues, it is very important to make sure that both the router and switch interface can communicate with each other in a bypass mode.

 Port Configuration

Port configuration is among the most common mistakes that administrators tend to make while processing the networking request. It is mostly during the configuration stage that either on router or switch or the addressing of local subnet that these issues generally occur.

 VLAN Assignment

For overcoming this problem, utilize switch port access 20 VLAN configuration interface command through a switch port.

 Power Failure:

If something of this sort happens, you will need to follow a standard set of instructions to get back on track. Firstly, switch off the router and also unplug the router from the external power adapter. Wait till 10 seconds before connecting the adapter and switching it ON.

 Bad or Missing Routes:

Troubleshooting the problems related to network and routing or missing information from routing is an essential skill involving implementation and maintaining a routed network which makes use of a routing protocol.

 Wrong Subnet Mask:

The subnet mask is required for TCP/IP to function properly. It determines if the host is on using a local subnet or any remote network. The troubleshooting for such problems is done through the use of WINIPCFG, PING and IPCONFIG utilities.

 Wrong Gateway:

Any device encountering the problem of wrong or incorrect gateway can communicate with any host available on its own network segment but not with some or all hosts available on the remote network.

Duplicate IP Address:

The method is to troubleshoot the client to determine the root cause of duplicate error occurrence. In order to complete this process, analyze the behavior of IP device and tracking probe by using command ‘IP device tracking probe interval seconds’. This can be your base to overcome this problem.

Wrong DNS:

Wrong DNS error message is something we all wish hasn’t existed because it can almost kill your network. DNS looks after the process for converting the website’s URL to IP address required for actual communication.

How to Contact Cisco Router support

Whether you are facing configuration error or problem connecting your device to the WiFi network, you can use any of the following Cisco router support options mentioned below.

Phone Support

United States

1 800 553 2447

1 408 526 7209


English: 1 800 553 6387 / 1 408 526 7209

French (Interpreter service available upon request): 1 800 553 6387

Small Business Support:

Cisco Support Community:

Enterprise Support:

Returns Portal:

Email Support (English): [email protected]

Return & Replacement:

Social Media Pages

So, these are the support options available at Cisco customer support. For more information, go to the official website of Cisco via

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