Sony Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

Sony Mobile Communications Inc. is a Japan-based multinational telecommunications company. It offers a wide range of product and services which include Android-based smartphones like Xperia series, smart products like a wireless earphone, smart band, Bluetooth speaker, and accessories such as Style cover, wireless charging dock, open-ear stereo headset etc. Apart from this, Sony also offers engaging applications for its Smart devices. While the company attracts customers with its brilliant smartphone and other smart products range, it keeps them engaged by providing reliable after-sale service through its Sony customer support.

Why You Need Sony Mobile Customer Support

With regular usage of phone and other smart devices, some issues and errors are common to occur in any brand products including Sony. Below are some of the most common issues for which users seek assistance from Sony customer support.

1.) My Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone seems to have color shading problem. Whenever I try to take a picture, a pink and reddish color circle appears in the center of the photo. How to fix it?

2.) The touchscreen of my Sony Xperia is not responding properly. It seems to be lagging a lot when performing any task.

3.) My Sony smartphone is performing very sluggishly. It is taking a lot of time in loading any application.

4.) Sony Xperia Z3 is taking a lot of time when charging it to its full capacity.

5.) Having a problem with the Wi-Fi connection on a Sony Xperia smartphone.

6.) The battery of my Xperia phone is draining too quickly even when I am not performing any heavy task on my phone. How to fix the issue?

7.) My phone is heating a lot even when I am not using it excessively. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

8.) MicroSD card is not loading or working properly in Sony Xperia smartphone.

9.) The Sony Xperia phone keeps on hanging even when not performing heavy or multiple tasks.

10.) My Sony Xperia phone keeps on rebooting again and again on its own. How to fix it?

While these are the most common issues faced by Sony smartphone users, for any other issue or queries related to your Sony phone or associated devices, you can seek quick assistance from Sony customer support only.

How to Reach Sony Mobile Customer Support?

There are numerous assistance options available at Sony customer support from where you can get appropriate assistance for your problem or query. Below you can find the list of available assistance options at Sony customer support.


If you are looking to get your problem or query resolved in the fastest way, you can contact the Sony customer support via following toll-free numbers.

  • Sony Phone support (Toll-Free): ‎+1 855 806 8464
  • Monday to Sunday: 08:00 – 20:00


If you wish to get assistance for your problem via live-chat support option, you will need to visit the below-mentioned link and enter your name, phone model, question in the prompted fields and click on the Start chat button.


In order to get assistance via email, you will need to go to the following link and click on the Email button located below the Chat Support section. A Send us a message box will open up on your screen where you will need to enter the prompted detail in the appropriate fields and click on the Send button.


Sony Phone is active on the following social media sites:



Following are some of the other Sony customer support links you can visit to get assistance for your problem.

So, these are the list of available assistance options at Sony customer support. If you need more information on Sony smartphones and associated products and services, you can visit the official website of Sony phone via link

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