C Spire Customer Service Phone Number

C Spire Wireless or Cellular South Inc. is the sixth largest wireless service provider in the United States and also the largest privately held wireless service provider in the country. The company offers a wide range of wireless services which include transport, internet and telecom services. The company has a huge customer base with approximately 1,200,000 customers. C Spire offers its wireless service for both home and business users. The company provides excellent assistance to its customers through its dedicated CSpire customer services. So, whether you have requirement of wireless services for your home or for your business, you can always rely on C Spire wireless.

Why You Need C Spire Customer Support

One or the other time, customers face trouble accessing or using certain features of C Spire services. This is where C Spire customer support helps customers overcome trouble with the company’s products and services. Some of the common issues and queries of users related to C Spire services are mentioned below.

1.) How can I recover my C Spire My Account username if I have forgotten it?

2.) Having problem registering for C Spire My Account online. How can I create an account?

3.) How can check my Data usage and call details in C Spire account?

4.) I am experiencing audio quality issues with my TV. Sometimes there is no sound at all and sometimes the sound becomes quite distorted. How to fix it?

5.) Having issues with video quality on my TV. The picture sometimes appears to be pixilated, tiled, fuzzy and choppy. How can I get it fixed?

6.) Having trouble making long distance calls even when I have bought the unlimited home phone service package.

7.) How to activate voicemail feature on my C Spire phone?

8.) I am getting frequent calls from unknown phone numbers. How can I block the caller from calling me?

9.) How to call waiting option in my C Spire phone?

10.) How to activate caller ID option in my C Spire phone?

Apart from the above-mentioned issues and queries, you can also get assistance for other problems by reaching C Spire customer support.

How to Reach C Spire Customer Service?

Be it account related problem like lost account username, forgotten password, or be it a technical issue with any products or services, you can appropriate assistance for your query or problem from CSpire Customer Service. The company offers numerous support options which include dedicated phone numbers, live-chat support, sales support, and troubleshooting guides. Below are the available assistance options at C Spire customer service.


C Spire has direct phone support numbers for the following services. Check out these C Spire customer service phone number for instant help.

Wireless Sales

  • Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • 1-855-9CSPIRE (927-7473)

Wireless Support

  • 24 hours a day
  • 1-855-CSPIRE5 (277-4735)

Home Services

  • 24 hours a day
  • 1-855-GET100X (438-1009)

Business Support

  • 24 hours a day
  • 1-855-CSPIRE2 (277-4732)

Email Support: Go to the link https://www.cspire.com/cms/wireless/support-home/ and find the email support option for the particular service you are using.

Live-Chat Support: Go to the link https://www.cspire.com/cms/wireless/support-home/ and find the live-chat support option for the particular service you are using.

Troubleshoot Guide: https://www.cspire.com/my_account/personal/express_pay/?isTroubleshoot=true

Wireless Support: https://help.cspire.com/wireless/

Home Services Support: https://help.cspire.com/home-services/

Business Support: https://help.cspire.com/business/

So, these are the assistance options available at CSpire customer service. For more information on C Spire wireless products and services, visit the official website of the company via link https://www.cspire.com/.

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