Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Mainly known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft forayed into computer manufacturing with its Surface series. Since its first surface launch, the company has introduced several surface laptops with latest operating systems. Though reliable but issues in Microsoft computers also keep bothering users.

Contact Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number?

There is no Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number listed for Microsoft on their website, so for any assistance and support related to Microsoft computers, you can visit the support section of Microsoft official website through this link

Common Issues with Microsoft Computer

1.) Keyboard Issue: Keyboard keys not functioning properly and feature such as a calculator, audio adjustments, and brightness keys are not functioning appropriately.

2.) Screen Goes Black: Screen goes black frequently for several seconds.

3.) Color Temp Changes: The color temp keeps on changing on web pages when scrolling. The color changes from white to purple to yellow.

4.) Run32DLL Error: When used for a while, the laptop freezes and no program can be run and a Run32DLL error is displayed.

5.) Network Issue: A lot of users are not able to connect their Microsoft laptop to the WiFi or even if it gets connected frequent disconnection is experienced.

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