Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Service

Florida Power & Light (FPL) Company, also known as FPL, is the largest energy company in the United States in terms of electricity produced and sold. Catering to over 5 million customer accounts or approximately more than 10 million people through the state of Florida, FPL’s 1,000-kWh residential customer bill is an estimated 30 percent less than the national average.

FPL’s power plant is considered one of the most fuel-efficient and cleanest among electric companies countrywide. While the company is known for offering uninterrupted service to its customers, however, if sometimes, any customer has any concern or issue, Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer support is always there to provide prompt assistance.

Guide to Contact Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Support

There are numerous options to seek assistance from Florida Power & Light (FPL) customer service when having an issue or query related to their service. The information about available FPL Customer Support options is provided below.

Helpful Links

Whether you wish to Check your Account Summary, Update your Personal Information, Searching Electronic Payment Options, Request a Payment Extension; or whether you want to Register for Online Services or report Problems with your Power, you can get information about all such concerns in the Helpful Links section of FPL Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Another assistance options that you can use to get your queries resolved is Frequently Asked Questions  At FAQs, you can get answer some of the most common questions raised by customers. On the Frequently Asked Questions’ page, you can either enter your query in the Search box, or you can browse through the list of categories to find an answer for your particular query.

Power-Related Concerns

If you wish to report an outage or you wish to check the status of a previously reported outage, you can go to the Power Related Concerns section of Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Service. Here, you can get assistance for concerns such as Requesting Tree Trimming, Reporting a Malfunctioning Street Light, Reporting Leaning/Deteriorated Pole, Requesting Debris Removal or Underground Service Conversion, etc.

Storm Center

Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Support also has a dedicated assistance section for Power Outage due to Storm. If you ever face any sort Power Outage and some other issue due to natural calamities like Storm, you can get assistance by going to the Storm Center page of FPL Customer Support. Here, you can report an outage by clicking on the REPORT OUTAGE option or get the status update by clicking on the CHECK STATUS option. Not only you can get important tips to stay safe and secured during a storm by visiting the Prepare for the Storm section on the Storm Center page, but you can also get information on things to do post Storm by visiting the After the Storm section on the same page.

Florida Power and Light (FPL) Customer Support Phone Number and Chat Support

If you wish to get assistance for your query or concern from an FPL customer Support expert via phone or Chat support medium, you can visit the Contact Us section of Florida Power and Light (FPL) Customer Support. To get assistance via chat support, just go to the Contact Us page of FPL Customer Support and enter your question in the provided field under the section where it says – “Julie, the Support Expert” and click on the Ask button. You will get an answer to your query instantly. Also, you can seek assistance for your problem by calling on FPL Customer Care phone number800-226-3545.

At the Contact Us page, you can also seek assistance by browsing the particular category related to your query or problem. The various categories are as follows:

  • Balance & Billing Information
  • Bill Payment Assistance
  • Communication Preferences
  • Payments
  • Power-Related Concerns
  • Programs
  • Manage My Account
  • Business Customer
  • Lower My Bill & Save Energy
  • General Support
  • Using FPL.com & Login

Social Media Pages of Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Support

Following are the social media pages of Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Support that you can visit for seeking assistance:

So, now as you know the different assistance option of Florida Power & Light (FPL) Customer Support, you can easily find assistance for your particular issue and query.

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