How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issues Instantly?

The printer is considered one of the most important computer accessories and also one of the most prone to problems with devices. From inadequate printing quality to driver issues, there are many issues that you can experience with your printer. One of the most frustrating issues in the printer is its inability to print anything at all. No matter what you do, what settings you change or how many times you restart it, it gives zero response. If you are having such an issue with your Canon printer and looking for some professional help then this is your guide to troubleshoot the problem. Here, you will find steps that will help you fix your printer easily and instantly at home. The followings are simple steps that can be followed to resolve the issue in your Canon Printer quickly.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issue

  • Check whether your printer cable is properly connected to the computer or not
  • Check status of your printer whether it is offline or online
  • Check if your printer has paused the printing
  • Turn off the printer, open printer utility and remove all the pending documents
  • Delete current driver of your printer
  • Download and install the latest driver according to your operating system from Canon printer customer support page.
  • If your printer requires a certain software or utility to print, make sure it is installed and running properly
  • Restart your printer as well as your computer
  • Now, try printing something, it should start working.

If even after following these steps, your printer doesn’t start printing, you can ask for some professional help as there can be some other issues as well with your device which is not allowing your Canon printer to print.

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