Panda Virus Scan Takes Too Much Time

Although Panda Antivirus is known for offering faster scanning of files and folders, a lot of users have reported issues with Panda Virus that it takes a lot of time in scanning. However, this doesn’t mean that Panda is not a good Antivirus. The reason behind the sluggishness of the scanning process in Panda Antivirus can be due to many other factors such as poor network connection, temporary files, junk files, a large volume of files and folders and many other reasons. In order to speed up the scanning process in your Panda Antivirus, you can take the following measures:

Step To Fix Panda Virus Scan Issue

  1. Restart the antivirus services
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Delete all of the temporary and junk files
  4. Uninstall any other security software installed
  5. Remove any conflicting software
  6. Open task manager and look for the applications that consume most of the computer resources and turn it off
  7. Close all other running programs and tasks
  8. If you have an older version installed, upgrading it to the latest version can instantly resolve the problem

Hopefully, the above steps will fix the panda virus scan issue. If even after following the above-stated measures, the scanning process is taking a lot of time, it is best to get assistance from an expert.

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