Autocad Customer Service Number

Autocad is a well-known drafting software which used to create blueprints for different purposes including architectures such as buildings, bridges, and computer chips etc. It is used by architects, engineers, graphic designers, project managers and many other professionals.

How to Contact Official Autocad Customer Service?

Autocad is known for providing assistance to its customers for any related issues in operating or managing Autocad software. You can contact Autocad Customer Service via following communication mediums.

Common Issues with Autocad

Like any other software, Autocad is also vulnerable to different issues. Some of the most common issues reported by Autocad users are mentioned here.

  • Installation Error: Lack of space, entering wrong product key, corrupt data files are some of the reason that lead to installation error.
  • Hanging or Freezing Error: Low RAM, programs running on background, heavy usage can lead to hanging or freezing of Autocad software.
  • Open, Save, or Save As dialog Missing: This is one of the most common problem reported by many users in their Autocad software.
  • File Tabs Missing: Pressing any key unknowingly may cause file tab to hide in your Autocad software.
  • Crashing of Autocad Program: Infected system, incompatibility, corrupt files etc. can lead to frequent crashing of Autocad program.

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