FileZilla Customer Service Phone Number

FileZilla is a free cross-platform File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software for all major operating systems including Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It is basically used for transferring files over the internet by webmasters from all across the world.

How to Contact FileZilla Customer Service?

To provide convenience to its users, FileZilla offers assistance for all FileZilla related issues and queries through various mediums mentioned below.

Why You Need FileZilla Customer Service

Like other FTP software, Filezilla is also vulnerable to several common issues. That’s why FileZilla Customer Service comes to solve customer common issue which is mentioned below.

  • Filezilla FTP Connection Failure: Entering the incorrect password, username, DNS information and other DNS connectivity issues can cause a problem in setting FileZilla FTP connection.
  • FileZilla Error Logs: When connecting via FTP, you may a get a different type of error logs such as login authentication failed, unrecognized command etc.

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