Sony Vaio Customer Support Service Phone Number

Regarded as one of the best computing and electronic products manufacturer, Sony Vaio has always been known for offering a wide range of laptops, desktops, printers, servers, netbooks, and software for IT management. Sony Vaio becomes a household name, credit to its successful range of laptops and desktops. Not only is the brand trusted for its quality computers but also for its remarkable Sony Vaio customer support services.

Although Sony Vaio computers are preferred for their reliability, there are certain issues that users face with their laptop or desktop one or the other time. Some of the common issues faced by users are mentioned below.

Why You Need Sony Vaio Support Service?

Following are the common issues and queries raised by users in their Sony Vail computers.

  1. Problem in the configuration of the Sony Vaio computer for the first time use.
  2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connection Issues of Sony Vaio Laptop.
  3. Network and Connectivity Problem of Sony Vaio.
  4. Support for Driver Repair of Sony Vaio Laptops.
  5. Performance Issue with Sony Vaio PC and Laptops.
  6. Webcam not working properly in the laptop.
  7. Antivirus Installation and Version Update issue.
  8. Virus Scan and Removal Support for Sony Vaio.
  9. Operating System Issues in Sony Vaio laptop.
  10. CD/DVD ROM is not loading CD/DVD.
  11. New Product Registration or Activation Issue.
  12. Tech Support for Sony Vaio Laptops & Netbooks.
  13. Internet and Browser Related Issue with Sony Vaio.
  14. Malware and Adware Removal Support for Sony Vaio.
  15. Sony Vaio PC Tune-up and Optimization Support.

While most of the issues are easy to fix, for complicated problems, a user needs to seek assistance from Sony Vaio customer support.

When unable to overcome any issue in your Sony Vaio computer, or when you have any question related to your computer, you can get a reliable assistance by reaching Sony Vaio customer support. You are sure to get appropriate assistance at Sony Vaio customer support and therefore it is suggested to reach them whenever you need assistance.

How to Contact Sony Vaio Support Service?

Since Sony has sold its PC business including Vaio to the Japan Industrial Partners, users are a bit confused as to how to contact Sony Vaio Support. To make it convenient for the users, we have provided the following options available for assistance from Sony Vaio customer support.

General Support

  • Customer Support:
  • Return Policy:
  • Warranty/Repair Information:
  • Discontinued Models:


Vaio Products

  • Manuals:
  • Software Updates:
  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:
  • Windows 10 S Compatibility:


Sony Vaio (Legacy) Pre-2014

If your PC was manufactured by Sony Corporation, please visit Sony’s website for support.

Social Media Web Pages

  • Youtube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:


So, these are the options available for Sony Vaio customer support. For more information regarding Sony Vaio, visit the official website via

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