Pinterest Customer Support Service Contact Information

Pinterest is a web and mobile application which is used to share ideas related to recipes, clothing, lifestyle, home décor, and others. Users can save the pins they like to their own boards.

Why You Need Pinterest Customer Service

Sometimes users need to fix technical issues which are common for everyone like below and the Pinterest customer service team helps a user to fix their queries.

  • Login trouble: Any issues while signing-in to your Pinterest account; password reset, account suspended, can’t login with Facebook or Google+ id, Pinterest doesn’t recognize your email address etc.
  • Issue with Pinterest browser button: This button makes saving pins easy. Some users see error while adding the button to their browser.
  • Issues in Pinterest on Android, iPhone, iPad or Web: Pinterest app won’t download completely.
  • Report spam on Pinterest: Spammers create pins with misleading links.
  • Issues with Block/Unblock: Can’t block someone, or having issues with bullying or safety.

How to Contact Pinterest Customer Service Team?

The toll-free number is not available to contact official Pinterest support. Users can take assistance from the official Help Centre.

Pinterest Official Help Centre

10 thoughts on “Pinterest Customer Support Service Contact Information”

  1. It is coming at us from every direction. PLEASE disallow political postings. Pinterest should be about recipes and crafts and art and music and good things not the filthy politics that exist at this time. We need a place to escape to where there is peace and love not hate and division has is foisted on us in almost every aspect of our current daily life. Thank you!

  2. Hello I ordered an infinity lamp through a add on Pinterest April 2nd 2020, never received it! I have contacted Alo-hilani to inquire where the lamp is but in successful
    Payment taken from PayPal
    Please help resolve or refund
    Thank you

    • I need to report that using pinterest app, when click any watching short video. This cause to flick or move away itself and I keep trying to stay in place so can watch video but it glitch or flock or move away scroll up or down itself. Please fix it

  3. Do not buy the Waldorf dolls on here. I ordered one from Fluhill Co. It was not a waldorf doll, it looked nothing like the picture on Pinterest. It is a rip off.

  4. Pinterest Watch: when and why does no longer have short craft how to’s? All I see is Pimple popping and silly animal videos. If that’s what I really wanted to watch I would start watching TIC-TOC. Pinterest is for crafts, art, music & cooking. Not for Pimple popping and other disgusting things.
    Please change content or ban the people putting this content on Pinterest.

  5. Why can I no longer send to my daughter? I just get a message that something went wrong. I can send to my husband with no problem.

  6. Is there a way to move a pin from one board to another? I have somehow pinned several items to the wrong boards and can not find a way to move them to the correct one. If this is not available I would like to request it. I doubt I am the only person to need this. Thanks

  7. Pinterest reviewers beware if Haultops. The items they sell are nothing as pictured and return is at customers expense back to china. Once you buy you’re stuck with the item. This vendor should be removed from Pinterest

  8. I am having all sorts of trouble since I updated to the new Pinterest Pin on my Chromebook. Everything is totally scrambled! If I search for a Board to post a Pin it is nowhere to be found. My lists or Sections on my Boards are no longer alphabetized making it almost impossible to find anything! If I search for a section to post a Pin, it is not being pulled up and when I try to add a new section I am informed that section, board, etc. already exists but I cannot get to it. What is going on? If there something that can reorder my Pins to the way they were? If not, I am in deep trouble! What happened? I am very upset about this as I am 81 years old and this is what I usually do in the evening! HELP PLEASE! JUST put it back the way it was!


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