MoneyGram Customer Support Service Phone Number

The second largest service provider in the world, MoneyGram is a money transfer company operating in more than 200 countries. The company offers its service to business as well as individuals through a wide network of financial institutions and agents which comprises about 347,000 agent offices. One can avail MoneyGram service not only online through a computer or mobile device but also at a local store or kiosk. The company ensures the convenience of consumers, and thus provides MoneyGram customer support to assist customers regarding their problems and queries.

MoneyGram Customer Support Helps Customers Have A Trouble Free Experience

MoneyGram customer support comes in handy when you need assistance regarding any question or problem you are being bothered by. Whether you wish to report a problem or have a question, the customer support team of MoneyGram is always there to assist you. They have proficient experts in their team to ensure that you get the best possible answer for all your troubles and queries.

How to Contact MoneyGram Customer Support?

No matter if you are an individual or an organization; you can easily get assistance from MoneyGram customer support by using any of the following support options. The options include phone number support, email support, live chat support, frequently asked questions and many more options. Choose from any of these assistance options as per your requirement to get a solution for the problem you are experiencing.

MoneyGram Customer Support Phone Number

If you wish to seek assistance from MoneyGram customer support via phone, you can dial the following phone numbers.

  • General Questions: 1-800-666-3947
  • About a Transaction: 1-800-922-7146
  • Report Fraud: 1-800-926-9400

MoneyGram Customer Support Email Assistance

If you are looking to find assistance from MoneyGram customer support via email, you can visit the following link and fill up the Contact Us form. Make sure to select “Email” option under “How would you like to be contacted?” option.

MoneyGram Customer Support Live Chat

Apart from the phone number and email support option, you can also seek assistance from MoneyGram via live chat support. Just go to the following link and click on the live chat option appearing on the left-hand side of the page.

Other Support Options

Social Media Pages

So, these are the assistance options you can choose to contact MoneyGram customer support. For more information on MoneyGram services, you can visit the official website of the company via link

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