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Avail Solutions from Skilled Bitdefender Customer Service

Bitdefender antivirus is a highly popular name that is offering strong protection against viruses and malware. Bitdefender customer service can offer reliable solutions to the problems the users may have to experience with the antivirus. Bitdefender has been offering reliable protection to users for many successful years and has become the first choice of millions of users all over the world. It is a lightweight antivirus equipped with all the modern-day features to offer strong protection to the users against any threat.

How to Contact Official Bitdefender Customer Service?

If a Bitdefender antivirus is having any trouble with the antivirus, he can take the following measures to resolve the problem:

  • Official Bitdefender community
  • Bitdefender Customer Service
  • Email to customer care
  • Toll free number (for Canada and USA users)
  • Live chat with Bitdefender professionals

Help & Support Department Contact Information
Home User Suppport
Business User Support
Home user Support Ticket
Business User Support Ticket
Home User Support Forum

Pros and Cons of Official Bitdefender Customer Service:

Though the Bitdefender antivirus users can avail solutions from official sources there are some pros and cons related to the official Bitdefender Customer Service. Some of the pros and cons of Bitdefender support are mentioned below:


  • Solutions offered by skilled professionals
  • Availability of reliable solutions
  • Solutions available via FAQ and Forum
  • Access to professionals through live chat and phone call


  • Delayed response from Bitdefender Customer Service
  • Experts are not available 24/7 to offer solutions
  • Can take longer to avail solutions
  • Longer waits even on phone calls and chat
  • Complicated and frustrating

Common Bitdefender Antivirus Problems:

Technical errors are inevitable and Bitdefender antivirus is not an exception. There are different problems that can arise with the antivirus and can cause frustration to the Bitdefender users. Given below are some of the common problems Bitdefender users may have to encounter:

  • Having trouble with installation of the Antivirus
  • Having trouble with virus and malware definition updates
  • Unable to change antivirus settings
  • Having problems with files scanning
  • Unable to access Bitdefender customer support
  • Unable to renew Bitdefender antivirus
  • Problems with Bitdefender antivirus activation
  • Wi-Fi security is not running properly
  • Unable to activate rescue mode
  • Secure browsing fails

If a user is having any problem with Bitdefender antivirus, he can refer to the official customer support of Bitdefender. It allows direct access to its experts through the Bitdefender Customer Service phone number for faster availability of solutions.

Attractive Bitdefender Antivirus Features:

The Bitdefender antivirus users have various attractive features to enjoy including the ones mentioned below:

  • protection against all threats online and offline
  • Ultra-fast scanning of files and folders
  • Advanced level protection against all sorts of ransomware threats
  • Frequent updates for virus definitions
  • Stay protected with Wi-Fi advisor when connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi network
  • Instant reaction to malware and virus attacks
  • Strong protection against data snooping and hacking attacks
  • User privacy protection
  • User data protection
  • Active threat control instantly detects and stops any suspicious activity
  • Bitdefender autopilot feature offers an enhanced user experience and optimized security
  • Secure browsing and anti-phishing features helps you to stay secure while surfing web

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