VLC Support Service Contact Information

Developed by VideoLAN, VLC is a free, open-source media player available for desktop and mobile operating systems including iOS, Windows, Android, Tizen etc. VLC is capable of playing almost all audio and video formats across different devices.

How to Contact VLC Support Service Team?

For any issues or errors related to Adobe VLC, feel free to contact the official VLC support team via following communication channels.

Why You Need VLC Support Service

While VLC is amazing software for all your audio and video playing needs, there are numerous errors and issues that can hamper your experience operating VLC software. Some common VLC issues are mentioned below.

  • Bugs Issue: Several bugs can prevent you from using VLC media player adequately. It becomes important to rectify the issue as soon as possible to be able to start using VLC trouble-free.
  • Slow Performance: Sluggish performance of VLC could be cause due to variety of reasons such as incompatibility, using old VLC version, corrupt file or infected system.
  • Crashing Problem: Playing a corrupt medial file or improper installed VLC may make your VLC media player crash frequently, preventing you from using it.

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