Trend Micro Customer Support Service Number

Our data stored on a computer is very valuable and needs protection against various threats of viruses and malware. In order to guard the valuables, we must install a reliable and strong antivirus that cannot just block future threats but can also eliminate the existing virus and malware from our computers. Trend Micro is such a powerful antivirus that can keep computers and mobile devices safe from such threats. It is offering reliable solutions via Trend Micro Support to the users whenever they have to encounter any problem.

How to Contact Official Trend Micro Support?

The users can refer to any of the following to avail solutions from official Trend Micro Support:

  • Trend Micro’s Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Trend Micro Support Phone number
  • Customer support page
  • FAQ

Help & Support Department Contact Information
Home User Knowledgebase
Business User Knowledgebase
Home User Support
Business User Support
Support Communitiy
Home User - Support Engineer Contact Number
North America - Monday to Friday (5AM - 8PM PST) 1-800-864-6027
Australia - Monday to Friday (7AM - 7PM Sydney Time) 1-300-305-289
New Zealand - Monday to Friday (7AM - 7PM Sydney Time) 0-800-507-901
United Kingdom - Monday to Friday (8:00 – 17:30 GMT) +44 2035493381
Singapore - Monday to Friday (8AM - 5PM Local Time) 1-800-888-6868
Malaysia - Monday to Friday (8AM - 5PM Local Time) 1-800-18-2288
Philippines - Monday to Friday (8AM – 5PM Manila Time) +632-995-6240
India - Monday to Friday (9AM – 9PM India Time) 000-800-100-9467

Pros and Cons of Official Trend Micro Support:

It is important for the users to know what they should be expected when contacting the official Trend Micro Support. Stated below are some pros and cons of availing solutions from official Trend Micro sources:


  • A staff of qualified professionals
  • Availability of solutions to all problems
  • Solutions through social network pages and FAQ
  • Availability of experts through phone call


  • Complicated and frustrating
  • Longer waits to hear from Trend Micro professionals
  • The staff is not cooperating
  • Tech support is not available 24/7
  • Delayed solutions to even the simple issues
  • Solutions to complicated problems can even take days

Common Trend Micro Antivirus Problems:

Though the Trend Micro antivirus is highly popular for offering quality services and strong protection still there are some errors that can arise at one point or another. Some of the most common Trend Micro antivirus problems are as mentioned hereunder:

  • Not compatible with operating system
  • Virus definition update fails
  • Frequent false threat alerts
  • Having problems with the antivirus activation
  • Email attachment scanning is not working
  • Extremely slow scanning of files and folders
  • Anti-spam toolbar is not working properly
  • Fails to detect any threats
  • Having trouble with the firewall
  • Unable to access even the safe websites
  • Unable to upgrade
  • Unable to disinfect files

Encountering a problem with the Trend Micro antivirus can cause some serious trouble to the users. In order to help the users with technical issues, the company is offering reliable solutions through Trend Micro Support. For the users from USA and Canada, it offers direct access to its professionals through a toll-free number to avail solutions faster.

Trend Micro Antivirus Features:

Trend Micro antivirus is known for offering various impressive features to users in order to keep them protected against virus threats. Some of the highly appreciated features offered by Trend Micro antivirus are as mentioned below:

  • Instantly blocks viruses
  • Protects against Trojans
  • Safeguard against spyware
  • Website authentication
  • Efficient spam protection
  • Virus definition updates
  • Powerful two way firewall
  • Online data backup facility
  • Offers protection against phishing attacks
  • Parental control
  • Protection while connected to a network
  • Safeguard while using an external drive

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