How Do You Contact TeamViewer Customer Support?

You were working on your PC. Something happened and your system ran into an error. Since you had no idea what that was (you are not a tech guy), you contacted your tech friend who fixed the error remotely. So, how did he manage to fix your computer without physical presence? Thanks to TeamViewer! This amazing remote access (remote control software) always comes to your rescue by allowing tech guys to access your computer or laptop remotely.

Today, TeamViewer can be found on almost all devices (has been installed on more than 2 billion devices). You may now wonder if TeamViewer ever experienced any technical issue. Well, many people have struggled to find a solution on many occasions. If you have recently installed the software, make sure you know ways to contact TeamViewer customer support.

Are you a TeamViewer license owner? If yes, this is a must-read for you. In this blog, you will learn several ways (proven methods) to avail of yourself the best TeamViewer customer support. The adroit team of highly knowledgeable professionals is available at your disposal to render effective customer support service. The tech guys are versatile and industry-trained. They can take up any query and answer your questions about licensing and technical issues.

TeamViewer Customer Support through Phone, Ticket Submission, and Email

From accessing the knowledge base and submitting a ticket to watching helpful videos, receiving help in the community, and finding documentation, the Company ensures no one is deprived of the best and quickest TeamViewer customer support – irrespective of their location.

TeamViewer Customer Support Phone Number Service: To speak to a customer care representative, you will need a phone number. This is the best way to obtain the fastest service. And if it is a toll-free number, what more could you ask for?

  • Toll-Free: The skilled team is happy to help. All you have to do is to dial the number and speak to learned personnel. Whether your mother tongue is English, Portuguese, or Spanish, TeamViewer will never disappoint you. The toll-free number that you can dial when you come across technical issues is 1-800-638-0253. English callers should dial the number between 8 am and 8 pm. Spanish callers can dial the toll-free number between 8 am and 6 pm. Portuguese customers can speak to a customer representative between 8 am and 5 pm.

Other numbers through which you can reach out to certified people who can render instant help are –

  • Toll-Free: 00800 050 1412
  • +91 22 6150 2429

How to Submit Ticket? To submit a ticket and receive the quickest help, you must log in to your TeamViewer account. Click here to submit a ticket.

Have Questions? Talk to a Licensing Partner: Visit the official web page of TeamViewer and get a link to talk to licensing partner. Click on the link and a popup will turn up. Type in your query and get assisted by a licensing partner right away.

TeamViewer Customer Support Page: The customer support page of TeamViewer has it all –

  • Contact Support: You can report an issue, change billing methods, or update account information
  • Contact Sales: Get product information, add licenses, or schedule a demo of new products
  • Knowledge Base: Find an answer to common TeamViewer questions
  • TeamViewer Community: Connect with other TeamViewr users and experts

Live Chat: Live chat is a great option to express yourself. A TeamViewer expert is always glad to extend you a helping hand. Start the conversation by entering your name and clicking on the option “Start Chat”.

Want Information about Contact Sales? You need to contact the sales team of TeamViewer. Fill in the online application form and let the officials know what you want. You need to provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, Number of Employees, Select Country, and TeamViewer products. Enter ‘Description’ and click on the “Submit” button.

TeamViewer Social Media Support Pages: Get in touch with professionals and seek help from friends from various parts of the world through its social media channels. Check out the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Apart from seeking quick assistance, these platforms keep customers updated about new services, products, etc. Subscribe to these channels and get notified when a new update is made.

Hope we have provided you with various ways to contact the official TeamViewer customer support. Try out all the options and you should be able to receive assistance from the support staff. Consider contacting third-party supper service providers if you fail to contact the official staff

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