How To Import Your Email Account In Verizon

Verizon Email Settings

Importing emails from one email account to another allows easy access to all your emails in one place. Apart from this, there can be other reasons for a user to import emails from one email account to another. Almost every email service provides this option. Here is a simple guide that can be followed to use the import option in Verizon account. Steps to Import Your Email Account In Verizon Login to your Verizon message center and go to the ‘Settings’ option. In the Settings page, from the left navigation,…

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How to Create Verizon Sub-Account?

Verizon Sub-Account setup

Verizon provides an exclusive service to its Fios TV subscribers; creating a SUB account. A SUB is an additional separate email account that can be set up by the administrator through the main account. Although SUBs are created through a single account, they are completely separate. Separate sub-accounts can be created for family members and friends without any assistance from Verizon email customer service. This allows the primary account holder to assign various services which he is using to sub-account users. These services include viewing TV programming through Fios mobile…

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Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon Customer Service

Verizon is a highly popular name for offering a number of high-quality products and services including the email service. Verizon customer service and impressive features have offered great help to the company to make it a successful venture. But the services are not available for everyone to sign-up. Only Verizon users can enjoy the high-quality email services offered by the company. How to Contact Official Verizon Customer Service Users can avail reliable solutions to their Verizon email problems through any of the following available options: Verizon community: The community has lots…

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