T-Mobile Support for Changing Phone Number

If you are looking to change your T-Mobile phone number, there might be different reasons why you might wish to change your phone number, for example – receiving phone calls from the contacts of the previous owner of the phone number, or you find it tough to remember the number. Whatever be the reason that you wish to change your T-Mobile phone number, the company provides users with a free mobile number change service once a year. However, to avail of this service, he/she must be using the Scam Shield feature. To know how to change your T-Mobile Phone Number, follow the information provided below. However, before that, you will need to keep the following things in mind.

 Things to Remember When Changing T-Mobile Phone Number

  1. You will be charged $15 for Additional number changes.
  2. Prepaid plans of T-Mobile are exempted from this fee.
  3. All the voicemail messages will be deleted if you change your number.
  4. The process of changing the phone number may take approximately four hours to get completed.
  5. If you are using Caller ID systems for your landline carriers, it may take around 2 to 3 days to display the correct calling information.
  6. Make sure to change or update your current T-Mobile number on any accounts that you might be using it on, for example – Social Networking Sites, Bank Accounts, etc.
  7. You may need to wait for at least three days before you can access T-Mobile.com using your new mobile number.
  8. The call history for the old phone number will become unavailable on T-Mobile.com.
  9. T-Mobile usually stores all phone numbers for at least 45 days and up to 90 days. Only for this period, the number will be available for reuse.
  10. You can change your phone number for free once per year.

Once you have considered the above-mention suggestions, you can get your T-Mobile phone number changed by contacting T-Mobile customer support. To know how to contact T-Mobile customer support, go through the information provided below.

T-Mobile Customer Support Contact Information for Changing Phone Number

For General Customer Care & Technical Support

  • From Your T-Mobile Phone: 611
  • Call on 1 800 937 8997

NOTE: Make sure to call from a different phone if you are looking to get assistance with a technical problem with the T-Mobile service.

For International Callers

  • International Callers Can Call on 1 505 998 3793
  • TIMING: Customer Care Representatives are Available Daily between 04:00 AM to Midnight PST.

NOTE: Call made to this phone number using a T-Mobile handset will be free from charges related to airtime, long-distance fee, or roaming charges. If the call is made to this number using a landline or non-T-Mobile phones will incur international long-distance charges along with any other additional charges that could be applicable.

Shopping T-Mobile Phone Number

  • For Business: 1 844 428 9675
  • For Personal: 1 800 T MOBILE

TTY Phone Service

For hearing and speed impaired, TTY service is available on the following phone number.

  • TTY Phone Assistance: 1 877 296 1018
  • Timing: 04:00 AM to Midnight PST, Everyday

Bill Payment

You can make your T-Mobile bill payment online or by phone at the following phone number:

  • Bill Payment Phone Number: 1 877 453 1304

Mail Address

If you wish to post your questions or comments to the Mail Address of T-Mobile, you can use the following address for communication.

T-Mobile Customer Relations

PO Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176 7380

 NOTE: It is to be noted that this address can’t be used for sending payments of any kind.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to change your T-Mobile Phone Number.

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