Solution to Paper Jam and Misfeed in Samsung Printers

Solution to Paper Jam and Misfeed in Samsung Printers

Although printers present a dozen of problems, paper jam and misfeed are the most annoying one. They not only prevent you from printing but can also damage the delicate parts of the printer. It is very important to tackle this issue quickly but carefully. Below you can find the steps to fix paper jam and misfeed issue in Samsun Printers. Follow the steps properly to get the desired result.

Steps to Fix Paper Jam and Misfeed in Samsung Printers

  1. Check the paper capacity of your printer’s paper input tray
  2. Always ensure that you are not stuffing the paper input tray
  3. Make sure that you are using high-quality papers that are recommended by Samsung for your printer
  4. Always use completely dry papers.
  5. A humid environment can damage the quality of papers and the papers can stick together and can cause problems.
  6. Make sure that you have loaded the papers properly squared in the tray
  7. Never use damaged or curled paper in the printer
  8. Adjust the paper guides according to the paper size you are using
  9. Never mix papers of different sizes, always use the same paper size when printing

As now you know how to fix the issue, you will try to avoid the causes that can result in a paper jam and misfeed error.

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