SBCGlobal Email Customer Service Phone Number

SBCGlobal or Southwestern Bell Corp Global is one of the most popular email service providers that are offering attractive features to users. The quality SBCGlobal Email Customer Service and impressive features have attracted huge numbers of users.

It is a subsidiary of the well-known multinational telecommunication giant AT&T. The services are being offered in collaboration with one of the most reliable email services providers, Yahoo. Unfortunately, the email service is not available for everyone to enjoy. It is limited to AT&T users only.

How to Contact Official SBCGlobal Email Customer Service

SBC Global is a reliable email service provider that is offering quality customer support to its users. The highly skilled team of SBCGlobal Email Customer Service can be accessed via the followings:

SBCGlobal Email Customer Service Page: The users can avail solutions via the support page of AT&T. The page features options of all the AT&T services so the user may have to go through a few clicks and selections. The users have to select the email services and will go to the email support page where they can find solutions to a number of common problems with the services. The page also features a search bar to offer solutions faster.

Live Chat: SBCGlobal is offering reliable solutions via live chat as well. You can contact their skilled professionals via chat and can explain your problem. After careful assessment of your problem, they may offer you an instant solution or may take a while to come up with the best possible solution.

SBCGlobal Email Customer Service Phone Number: The users looking for the best solutions at a faster pace can try the toll-free free number that is available for USA and Canada. The users can have direct access to the professionals who will analyze the problem and will offer a quick solution. But if it is a complicated problem, the user may have to wait for the solution.

Help & Support Department Contact Information

Common Problems with SBCGlobal Email:

Followings are some of the most common problems the SBCGlobal users have to face:

  • Unable to access inbox
  • Server response is very slow
  • Receiving unwanted emails directly to inbox
  • Problems in sending and receiving emails
  • Emails are missing from folders or from Inbox
  • Unable to get to the tech support
  • Problems in changing password
  • Account setting problems
  • SBCGlobal email configuration issues
  • Sync problem with the third party email clients
  • Problems in importing contacts or emails

There are various occasions when you require a quick solution to the problem you are having with the email services because of certain reasons. SBCGlobal understands the fact very well that is why it is offering reliable SBCGlobal Email Customer Service to its users. The users can avail the most suitable solution to any of their problems via FAQ, Live chat and by the SBCGlobal Email Customer Service Phone Number.

SBCGlobal Email Features:

The email service is highly popular among users because of the impressive features it is offering. Some of the most attractive features being offered by SBCGlobal are as mentioned hereunder:

  • GBs of online storage space to keep the emails stored
  • Attachment of various types of files with the emails
  • Spam filter to keep the users protected against the unwanted emails
  • Anti-virus scanning for all the emails and attachments
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Solutions by SBCGlobal Email Customer Service
  • Secure logins
  • Support for third party email clients
  • Email recalling option

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