SafeLink Customer Service Phone Number

SafeLink Wireless belongs to the family of TracFone Wireless, the largest “No-Contract” cellular service provider in the US with more than 20 million subscribers. Safelink Wireless is a program catering qualified households providing Smartphone and SIM card along with free minutes, texts and data on monthly basis to the eligible customers. The company makes sure that Customers get only the finest and highest quality service. Though rare, if any problem arises, the experts at the company strive to deliver prompt and precise solution through their SafeLink Wireless customer support.

SafeLink Wireless Customer Support Always Assures Highest Quality Service

For SafeLink Wireless customer support, customers’ convenience comes first. To make sure of it, they have employed proficient experts in their support team that leave no stone unturned in bringing the best possible solutions for customers concerns and queries. So, regardless of the problem you are experiencing with your SafeLink service, you can reach SafeLink Wireless customer support.

How to Contact SafeLink Wireless Customer Support?

When having trouble with SafeLink Wireless service, you can easily reach them by using the following communication mediums. The mediums include assistance through phone number, text support, frequently asked questions section and more.

SafeLink Wireless Customer Support Phone Number

If you are looking to get assistance from SafeLink customer support via phone, you can get in touch with them via following phone numbers.

  • For Technical Support Only: 1-800-378-1684
  • Timing: 8 AM to 12 AM EST (7 days a week)
  • For Enrollment and Plan Changes Support: 1-800-Safelink (723-3546)
  • Timing: 8 AM to 10 PM EST (Monday to Saturday) 8 AM to 10 PM EST (Sunday)


  • SafeLink Wireless
  • PO Box 220009
  • Milwaukie, OR 97269-0009

Frequently Asked Questions

To get assistance for your concerns or queries via Frequently Asked Questions section, visit the page!/zipcode. Here you will be guided through a few steps to get appropriate assistance for your relevant problem.

Get Pending Minutes

If you are looking for assistance regarding your free minutes, you can visit the Pending Minutes page via link!/pendingMinutes. Here, you will need to follow the step-by-step instructions provided to get your pending minutes.

Set Up VoiceMail

To know how to set up VoiceMail, go to the page!/voiceMail and follow the information provided here.

So, these are the support options you can use to get assistance from SafeLink customer support. For more information on SafeLink Wireless, you can visit their official website at

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