How to Fix Network Printer Connectivity Issue?

A printer is an essential machine, especially for a business organization where every now and then commands are sent to print one or the other official documents, notices, circulars, etc. This makes it necessary for a printer to be always functioning and connected to every system in the office. However, being a machine printer may not function or print properly sometimes due to one or the other reasons. The list of problems in the printer is endless. A problem can be anything from poor quality printing, sluggishness, ink, cartridge to horizontal lines, or light print. One of the most common issues that a printer user experience is connectivity error.

If you are using a printer in your office and having a connectivity issue, you can try the following steps:

Steps To Fix Network Printer Connectivity Issue

  • Check status of your printer from “devices and printers” tab in control panel of your operating system
  • Check the network cable whether it is connected from both ends or not
  • Check the cable to ensure that it is not damaged
  • Try accessing the printer from your browser by typing its IP address
  • If it is accessible, then change the settings accordingly if there is any problem with the settings
  • Update network settings and IP address of your printer

So, this is how you can quickly set up your printer to connect to your computer and resolve the connectivity issue.

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