Outlook Customer Service Phone Number

Outlook is Microsoft Network-owned email service that is highly popular all over the world. It has millions of users who are satisfied with the quality of Outlook Customer Service and attractive email features. It is one of the earliest companies that started offering email services. It has gone through various changes and has adopted different names. Earlier, the email service was known by the names MSN Email, Hotmail, Live, and Live Mail.

How to Contact Official Outlook Customer Service

Outlook is a reliable email service provider that is offering suitable solutions to user problems. The users can avail the solutions via the followings:

  • Microsoft Help Center: It features various options for all of the products and services offered by Microsoft. The users can conveniently select the most appropriate options in order to avail the solution to the problem.
  • Microsoft Community: The official community of Microsoft can conveniently offer solutions to any of the common problems the users have to experience with Outlook email. Users can use the search option to get to the required solution faster. It can take long if you are having an uncommon problem.
  • Live Chat: One of most convenient ways to get a solution faster in through the live chat with the tech support. Through the chat, the users can avail most suitable solutions by skilled professionals for their problems.
  • Outlook Customer Service Phone number: Outlook is offering direct access to its experts. Users can avail best solutions faster via the toll free number for USA and Canada. It is the best and most preferred mean to get a problem solved at a rapid pace by the experienced professionals.

Help & Support Department Contact Information
Outlook Help Topics https://support.office.com/en-gb/outlook
Outlook Chat https://support.office.com/home/chat
Outlook Community https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/products/microsoft-account/

Common Outlook Problems:

Like any other email services provider, Outlook is also known for various technical problems. But the company is offering reliable Outlook customer service to the users where they can avail suitable solutions to any of their problems with the services. Followings are some of the most common Outlook problems:

  • Unable to access Outlook account
  • Problems with email attachment
  • Outlook server error
  • Missing emails and contacts
  • Email attachment issues
  • Forgot outlook password
  • Unable to change settings
  • problem in activating two-step authentication
  • Third party email client configuration error
  • Syncing issues

Outlook Features:

The users can enjoy various attractive features with Outlook services including the ones mentioned hereunder:

  • Outlook offers online space of 5 GB for the emails
  • Advanced level encryption helps the users to stay protected against online threats
  • Spam filter keeps all the unwanted emails in a junk folder
  • Multiple files attached to a single email
  • Users are protected against viruses through scanning of all the emails and attachments
  • Solutions via Outlook Customer Service
  • Third party email clients are supported by Outlook
  • Two-step authentication helps the users to make their accounts even more secure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Backup and restoration option of contacts
  • Integration of Skype services
  • Support for integration of various third-party add-ons enhances the usability

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