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MSN is a highly reputed name of the internet world. It is a comprehensive web portal that is known for offering a number of services including email services. The quality of MSN Email Support and attractive features are the key factors that have made it such a popular email service provider. The email service has gone through various changes and updates in order to offer the most modern and secure email services to users.

How to Contact Official MSN Email Support:

The users can get solutions to their MSN problems via the following options:

  • MSN help center page: The users are required to select the most relevant options on the page in order to get the required solutions. They may have to go through few selections and clicks before getting the solution to the problem.
  • MSN community: There are many users who have shared their problems with MSN in the official MSN community. The problems shared are resolved by the skilled tech support of MSN. If your problem is not already shared by any user, you will have to create a new thread and may have to wait for a while to get the solution.
  • Live chat: It is a quick way to get a solution as you will be sharing your problem directly to the MSN professionals. But if you are having some complicated problem, you may have to wait for the solution for a day or two.
  • Official MSN Email Support number: The best and most preferred way to get rapid solution is via the contact number of MSN technical support. The company is offering direct access to its seasoned professionals via toll free number for USA and Canada. But you may have to wait a little before someone responds to your call.

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Support Page
MSN Customer Support for subscribed services

Common MSN Email Problems:

There are different technical problems that can arise at one point or another with the MSN email service. In order to handle such a situation, MSN is offering reliable solutions via MSN Email Support. Whenever a user comes across any problem with MSN email, he can contact customer support to get a suitable solution to the problem. Some of the common problems the user may have to face are:

  • Unable to login
  • MSN email server problem
  • Unable to attach a file
  • Unable to edit email signatures
  • Forgot MSN password
  • Receiving junk emails in MSN inbox
  • MSN Mail app problems
  • Third party client crashes
  • Compromised MSN email account

Features of MSN Email:

MSN users have various impressive features to enjoy including the ones mentioned here:

  • An online storage space of 5 GB to keep the emails stored as long as they want to
  • A simple and easy to use interface for user convenience
  • Strong spam filter to keep the emails in junk folder
  • Protection against virus threats
  • Contact backup to make sure that you never loses any contact
  • Users can avail reliable solutions via MSN Email Support
  • Integration of Office Online to offer an enhanced user experience with the documents
  • Integrated Skype service
  • MSN Supports integration of various third-party add-ons

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