Dial MoviePass Customer Support Number to Seek Quick Help

Do you love watching movies? We all do! And in this connection, we keep looking for various deals and discounts so that we can spend a whale of a time with family and friends. One of the ultimate platforms for movie buffs is MoviePass, Inc.

The company would allow its customers to buy tickets (up to three per month) for a monthly fee. Although it started quite well, its customers continue to face various issues. If you ever purchased a movie ticket from MoviePass and faced a problem, you need to read this post to know how to get the MoviePass customer support number.

 Where to Get MoviePass Customer Support Number?

One major reason why you wouldn’t find the official MoviePass customer support number easily is that the company had ceased all business operations since 28 January 2020. On September 14, 2019, it had shut down its mobile ticket service.

From the initial days, it faced objections from several major cinema chains over its business model and sustainability. Since the company filed for bankruptcy and announced that it is no more in business, all your complaints now standstill.

If you are a new subscriber and have a query that you never receive a debit card in the mail, you are not alone. Hundreds of new subscribers bear the same query and have sent several messages for MoviePass customer support through the app.

One NY resident told BuzzFeed News, “It’s a shame that I only got attention/response from them by reaching out to them on a public forum where others could see the frustration displayed by hundreds of other users.”

Whether you have complaints ranging from nonresponsive customer service to long waits for membership cards, you can dial the MoviePass customer support number for instant help.

Moviepass Customer Support Phone Number

Did you try using their chat service via the app and came across a message that said, “We are limiting our in-app chat service to those who are at a theater or trying to check in to a movie“? No worries! We have got you covered.

Here, we bring you the MoviePass customer support phone number – 1-855-336-3632 – that you can dial between 10 am and 10 pm EST. If the above-mentioned number doesn’t work¸ you may also like to try your hands at Moviepass’ Official customer support phone number 1-646-400-0801.

Moviepass Customer Support Phone Number (New Preferred Number)

You may also dial the following numbers and speak directly with an agent.

  • 1-646-400-0801 is the new preferred number.
  • You can also dial 1-877-646-2892. It appears on the back of the card.

MoviePass Customer Email Support

When the above numbers fail you and can’t connect to the right person, consider writing to them. Writing an email is also a great way to get in touch with customer support personnel and expect a prompt response. MoviePass staff usually responds to queries through emails within two business days.

  • The MoviePass customer support phone number didn’t connect you to the right person. That’s okay! Write an email and send it to [email protected]. Your queries will directly be handled by the escalations department. You are only suggested to send an email to this email address if customer service is unable to help.

Hope we have managed to provide you with the right information so that you get your concerns resolved

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