Mediacom Customer Support Service & Phone Number

Mediacom is a reputed cable television and communications service provider serving primarily the smaller markets of the Southern and Midwest United States. Providing its service in around 22 states, the company is said to be the largest cable company in Iowa and the second largest in Illinois.

Mediacom provides a range of information, communications, and entertainment services to businesses and households which include high-speed data, video, phone, and home security and automation services. So, whether you are looking to hire their services for home or for business, you can always rely on Mediacom irrespective of your requirements. And while offering top-notch products and services, the company also ensures customer satisfaction by providing reliable assistance via its Mediacom customer service center.

So, if you ever have any issue with Mediacom product or service, you know where to seek assistance from.

Why You Need Mediacom Customer Service

Some of the most common issues for which users generally seek assistance from Mediacom support are mentioned below.

1.) Having a problem adding devices to my Mediacom Internet network. How to fix it?

2.) My Mediacom modem is not working at all.

3.) Though the internet is working absolutely fine, I am unable to connect my mobile devices to the Mediacom Wi-Fi.

4.) Internet speed of my Mediacom network is very slow even when I am not downloading or uploading anything. How to fix it?

5.) Having problem activating Caller Id for Call waiting option on my Mediacom phone.

6.) How to enable the feature in my Mediacom phone that allows talking to two parties in the same phone call?

7.) Having problem viewing some of the channels on my Mediacom TV connection even when there is no sun outage.

8.) Having an issue with sound and picture quality with some channels on Mediacom TV. How to fix it?

9.) Some channels seem to be missing even when my package includes them.

10.) How to know if Mediacom provides its business packages in my location?

Mediacom customer support not only provides assistance for the above-mentioned issues and queries but also caters to customers with all kinds of problems that they face with any of the Mediacom products or services.

How to Reach Mediacom Customer Service?

Mediacom Customer Support offers more than numerous options to get your issue or queries resolved. From dedicated phone numbers to how-to videos and answer guides, there are many assistance options from where you can seek appropriate support for your issues and queries.

MediaCom Support phone number

  • 1-800-479-2070 (Business)
  • 1-844-987-3260 (Non-customer)
  • 1-855-633-4226 (Existing Customer)

Mediacom Chat Support:

Go to the link!/About/Contact/Customer and locate the chat option.

Mediacom Email Support (Business):

[email protected]

How-To Videos:

Mediacom Guided Support:!/Log/In?redirect=Support.GuidedSupportTools-%7B%7D

Answer Center:


MediaCom Social Support

So, these are the support options available at Mediacom customer service. If you need more information on the Mediacom product and services, you can reach the official website of Mediacom via link

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