LinkedIn Customer Service Phone Number

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is specially dedicated to business and employment-oriented services. LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking, facilitating both employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their curriculum vitae.

Available for both website and mobile application, the social networking application has more than 500 million users worldwide, making it one of the biggest business networking sites in the world. While LinkedIn has a huge customer base and offers reliable services, sometimes users experience different issues with their LinkedIn account. In order to deal with such problems of the customer, the company provides assistance through its LinkedIn customer support.

LinkedIn Customer Support Assures Prompt Resolution To Customers Varied Issues

LinkedIn customer support provides all-around assistance for varied issues and queries of users. So, whether you are facing trouble changing or adding an email address, recovering a forgotten password or buying/canceling the premium subscription, for all sorts of issues and queries, you can easily seek assistance from LinkedIn customer support.

How to Contact LinkedIn Customer Support?

When experiencing a problem or having a question related to LinkedIn, you can quickly seek assistance by seeking assistance from LinkedIn customer support. To know how to reach LinkedIn customer support for assistance, go through the information provided below.

LinkedIn Customer Support Phone Number

If you are looking to get assistance from LinkedIn customer support via the phone number, unfortunately, they do not provide a phone assistance option to reach them.

LinkedIn Customer Support Via Email

In case you are searching for an option to seek assistance from LinkedIn customer support via email, unfortunately, there is no option available for the same.

Other Support Options

Help Forum: Get assistance from LinkedIn Help Forum by going to link and browsing through discussions available on the page.

Safety Center: To know how you safeguard your LinkedIn account, you are suggested to visit LinkedIn Safety Center via link Here you will find information on you can keep your account safe and how to handle inappropriate content.

Billing & Payment: For billing and payment, you can visit the link

Canceling Your Premium Subscription: To know how to cancel your premium subscription, visit the link and go through the information provided on the page.

So, these are the options available for seeking assistance from LinkedIn customer support. For more information on LinkedIn services, you can visit their official website via link

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