Lenovo Printer Support Phone Number

Among various available options, Lenovo printers have occupied a unique place among printer users. Attractive features and quality Lenovo Printer Support have contributed well enough to make Lenovo printers successful all over the world. The company is offering various models that vary from one another depending on styles, sizes, and features.

How to Contact Official Lenovo Printer Support

Lenovo users have the following available options to avail solutions via official Lenovo Printer Support:

  • Lenovo Printer Support page: Lenovo is offering various options to its users via its support page. The users can get latest drivers, user manuals and solutions to the most common Lenovo printer problems at the page.
  • Official Lenovo Community: Official community is a reliable way to get solutions to various types of Lenovo printer problems. There are many users who have shared their problems in the community and have already received the solutions. It enhances the chances of finding a solution faster.
  • Lenovo Printer Support Contact Number: Lenovo is offering direct access to its experts via toll free number available for USA and Canada. Users can directly share the problem with skilled professionals and can avail relatively faster solutions.

Lenovo printer support – https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/

Common Features of Lenovo Printers:

Followings are some of the common features Lenovo printers have to offer the users:

  • Fast printing speed that can go even higher than 60 ppm in some Lenovo printers
  • Longer duty cycles make the printers economical
  • Lenovo printers can offer amazing printing quality
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Bundled with the Lenovo printer driver, user manual and utility software
  • USB port to connect the printer to the computers
  • Updates and solutions via Lenovo printer support
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth printing
  • Duplexing feature of the printers help in saving the papers
  • For smaller papers, the printers feature a manual feed slot
  • Memory card slot

Common Problems of Lenovo Printers

Lenovo users have experienced various problems with the printers. But the company is offering reliable solutions to the users via Lenovo printer technical support. Lenovo is offering solutions via a skilled and qualified team of experts who can handle any problem without any trouble. The users can avail reliable solutions to any of the problems they are having with Lenovo printers including the ones mentioned below:

  • Printer installation problems
  • Lenovo printer driver errors
  • Printer configuration issues
  • Poor printing quality
  • Slow printing speed
  • Mobile printing not working
  • Unable to connect printer to the network
  • Papers get jammed in the printer
  • Faded prints
  • Cartridge gets jammed

Pros and Cons of Official Lenovo Printer Support:


  • Skilled team of expert Lenovo printer technicians
  • Comprehensive solutions at a single place
  • Most suitable solution by Lenovo professionals
  • Solutions to all Lenovo printer problems
  • Latest drivers and printer software
  • Multi-level support to ensure the delivery of most suitable solution
  • Solutions through support page, Lenovo community and phone number


  • Delayed response from Lenovo professionals
  • Slow and time taking process
  • May have to go through various pages and answers to get the right solution
  • Have to wait longer to hear from Lenovo experts
  • Unavailability of the tech support at weekends and after regular working hours
  • Longer waiting period to get solutions

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