Hughesnet Customer Service Phone Number

HughesNet is known for offering satellite-based internet and television services through satellites and satellite dishes it designs and manufactures. The company is in the internet business for more than four decades offering a wide range of plans with lightning speed, built-in Wi-Fi, more data, advanced data-saving features and no hard data limits.

So, whether you need a Wi-Fi connection at home or you want to amplify your business with high-speed internet, HughesNet can be an ideal choice. And if you are concerned about their product and service in any manner, well HughesNet customer support can help your clear your queries and concerns right away.

Why You Need HughesNet Customer Service

Sometimes, HughesNet users may face some sort of issues or problems with the services they have opted for. In such case, one can seek assistance from HughesNet customer support to get the problem resolved. Generally, users find the following problems and queries to be troublesome in their account.

1.) Having a problem connecting my mobile device to the HughesNet Wi-Fi connection.

2.) Internet speed seems to be really slow even when there are limited users.

3.) How to know whether HughesNet offers high-speed internet in my area?

4.) Is it possible to use my HughesNet for Business with VPN, VoIP, Skype, and Netflix?

5.) What if already have DIRECTV or DISH network service at my business or home, do I still need to get a separate dish for HughesNet?

6.) Having problem placing long distance call through my HughesNet Voice connection.

7.) The Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail featured are not working properly. How to fix it?

8.) Is it possible to keep the same phone number for HughesNet Voice?

9.) Having a problem upgrading my HughesNet plan.

10.) The Wi-Fi modem is not working properly. I am having a problem with the frequent disconnection of the Internet.

While these are the queries and problems for which users seek assistance, if you have any other problem, you can reach HughesNet customer support for the fast and appropriate solution of your problem.

How to Reach HughesNet Customer Service?

When you have a problem with the HughesNet service or if you have any query related to HughesNet product or service, you can seek quick assistance from HughesNet customer support by choosing from the different assistance options offered by the company. Following are the options available for assistance at HughesNet customer support.

Phone Support: 866-347-3292

Order by Phone: 844-737-2700

Check Order Status:

Frequently Asked Questions:


So, these are ways you can get help from HughesNet Customer support for any problem you face with your HughesNet product or service. For more information, you can visit the official website via link –

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  1. We need help right now. We were guaranteed Hughes Net would work at our home. We have not been able to use our cell phones for a week now. As soon as we were hooked up to Hughes Net the phones did not work. Now we are being told we need new cell phones. They were working perfectly before Hughes Net. With all the different cell phones being used at our home they have all worked perfectly. All different makes, models and services. This is very urgent to us. We live in the country and now have no way to even contact emergency help. We are in out 70s. I am going to contact whomever I can to see what is going on and the service provided to us. We already paid for your service.


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