Google Plus Customer Support Service Phone Number

Google Plus Customer Service

Google+ is a social network by Google where users get to know amazing things and connect with passionate people around the world.

How to Contact Google Plus Customer Service?

There is Google Plus Customer Service toll-free number available to contact Google+ because of the huge user-base. Here are other ways to contact Google Plus Customer Service official team:

Google+ Help Center


Google+ official Community
Google+ Safety Center

At times, G+ users face some issues with their accounts; some of them are listed below. These can be solved by contacting the official Google Plus Customer Service team.

Common Issues with Google+ Account

  • Google+ app crashing constantly: When a user tries to make a post, the app takes him back to the main screen.
  • Google + app freezes: When a user tries to sign-in to his account; the app freezes or stops responding.
  • Updates from contacts not visible: User doesn’t see updates from his contacts on his profile. His G+ profile only shows updates made by him.

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