How To Fix Xerox Printer Not Printing Issue

If used and maintained properly, the printer can function for many years and print thousands of prints. However, because of poor maintenance, rough usage, and other factors, printers sometimes malfunction or even stop working completely. You may feel like throwing it away, but you shouldn’t as we will show you how to fix your printer when it has stopped working. Below, you can find the measures that will help you fix the “not printing” problem in Xerox printers.

Steps to Fix Xerox Printer Not Printing

  1. Verify the connection between printer and computer. If the connection is broken, establish the connection.
  2. Check your Xerox printer status from control panel to know if it is online or offline
  3. Restart your computer and printer to refresh the services and relevant system files
  4. Verify if you have accidentally paused the printing in printer utility
  5. If you have a queue of pending documents to print, remove the queue
  6. Try re-installing the driver. You should install the latest driver that can be downloaded from the support page of Xerox printers
  7. If the printer still does not start printing, you should contact Xerox printer customer support.

By following the above-mentioned methods and taking proper care and maintenance of your printer, you can minimize the chances of your printer malfunctioning. To know how to maintain and keep your printer up and running, connect with our experts.

Our team of experts can help you know the different ways and methods to make your printers perform up to their potential. Regular maintenance will not only enhance the functionality of the printer but will also enhance its life.

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