How to Contact EZ Pass Delaware Customer Support?

EZ Pass Delaware is an electronic toll collection system which is used on toll roads, bridges, and tunnels across the Midwestern and Eastern United States. There are 39 member agencies in the E-ZPass Interagency Group (IAG) operating in around 17 states, where same technology is used and travelers use the same transponder on toll roads. A lot of different independent systems have been integrated into the E-ZPass system, including the NC Quick Pass (North Carolina) and I-Pass (Illinois).

All this has made E-Zpass Delaware such a reliable toll collection system that Negotiations are going on to implement this system nationwide. As there are numerous members if E-ZPass Delaware, the company has ensured their convenience by providing EZ Pass Delaware customer support. If you are also an E-Zpass Delaware member, you can seek instant assistance for your issue or query by contacting E-Zpass Delaware customer support.

To know how to contact E-Zpass customer support.

Ways to Contact E-ZPass Delaware Customer Support

There are numerous ways to seek assistance from E-ZPass Delaware customer support for your problem or query. So, no matter what kind of issues you are Below you can find these options to easily contact the customer service team of E-Zpass.

E-ZPass Delaware Customer Support Phone Number

If you wish to seek assistance from E-ZPass customer support through phone, you can reach them by dialing the following phone number.

  • E-ZPass Customer Service Center: 1-888-EZPASSDE / (888) 397-2773 | (302) 678-7000
  • Timing: Monday – Friday 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM | Saturday: 08:00 AM – 02:00 PM

E-ZPass Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

Another ideal way to get assistance from E-ZPass customer support is through browsing the Frequently Asked Questions section. To know how to use the FAQs section, follow these steps:

  • Go to the E-ZPass Frequently Asked Questions page on your browser.
  • Once you are on the FAQs page, you can browse through the different sections to get an answer for your query.

E-ZPass Email Support

Apart from Phone support and FAQs, one can also find help from E-ZPass customer support through email. To know how to send your query via email, go through the steps provided below.

  • Go to the E-ZPass Delaware homepage on your web browser.
  • Once you are on the homepage, you will need to scroll down to get to the bottom of the page.
  • On the bottom of the web page, you will need to click on the Contact Us option located on the lower-right corner. This will open the email window on your screen where the email address of the E-ZPass Delaware customer support will be pre-populated.
  • Enter your query in the provided field along with a suitable title and hit the send button.
  • You will get solution for your query via email.

So, these are the assistance options that you can use to get assistance from EZ-Pass Delaware customer support. Next time you experience any problem with your E-ZPass, feel free to contact EZ-Pass Delaware customer service.

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