How to Contact ESO Customer Support When You Need Technical Assistance?

Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, the Elder Scrolls Online, popularly known as ESO, is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game was launched in 2014 for OS X and Microsoft Windows, with versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X/ S planned. ESO is a part of the Elder Scrolls series and has an outstanding storyline indirectly connected with the other games in the series. It was renamed The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited in June 2015 and was made available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. By 2017, it boasted more than 2.5 million monthly active players and by 2020, it sold more than 15 million copies.

Indeed, this speaks a volume about the popularity of the game. With a huge number of players actively participating in the game, they are likely to come across several issues including technical issues, billing issues, problems with their accounts, and more. To handle all the queries and concerns of its customers/ players, the company has set up robust customer support comprised of industry-trained professionals. Check out various ways to contact ESO customer support when you need help.

Various Ways to Get in Touch with ESO Customer Support

ESO Customer Support Phone Number Service

The easiest and effective way to reach out to ESO customer support is to find out the phone number. We have done all the homework and have got it for you. Simply, dial 1-844-936-4629 and speak to one of the Elder Scrolls Online customer care representatives.

ESO Customer Support Email:

You can email them at [email protected] and get an instant reply from a knowledgeable person. Also, remember not to open emails sent to you if they are not from –

Also, note that “ESO Customer Support will never ask for an ESO password under any circumstances. You should not follow any links or submit any information and report the contact to ESO Customer Support immediately”.

ESO Customer Support Help Center:

Whether you are looking for general information, official news & updates, or some other information related to your ESO account, you can visit the Help Center link – You only need to sign in, select a category (Technical Support, Account, Billing, Report Player, Feedback/Bug, Privacy/Personal Data, and In-Game Support), and enjoy the game.

ESO Customer Support Live Chat:

Is calling the ESO Customer Support Number a time-consuming process? Do you feel the same with email support and other support options? You may, in that case, resort to the live chat option.

  • On your PC/ Mac, open the “Help Menu” by typing /help on the chat line.
  • Click on the icon of the man with the headset.
  • Choose “Category” and provide details about the issue.
  • Submit the ticket by clicking on the “Submit” button.

ESO Customer Support Contact Us Page

: Click here to go to the Contact Us page and avail of technical support.

ESO Customer Support Social Media Community:

ESO’s massive online presence can be sensed from its social media communities. You can join their community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram and get your queries resolved, too.

These are some of the best ways to reach out to the trained people who promise to take away all your worries, hence allowing you to play your game without any interruption.

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