Dominion Power Customer Service Phone Number

Dominion Energy, Inc. is an American power and energy company located in Richmond, Virginia, which is known for supplying the electricity in parts of Virginia, North and South Carolina and for providing natural gas supplies to parts of West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The company has around 7.5 million customers in 18 states which makes it one of the major electricity and natural gas service providers in the US.

Dominion feels proud of their commitment to customers and makes sure of it by providing reliable Dominion power customer service. While the company is known for providing uninterrupted service, some users who unfortunately face trouble with their services can easily seek assistance from Dominion power customer service center. To know how to contact Dominion Power customer support for assistance, follow the information provided below.

Guide to Seek Assistance from Dominion Power Customer Service

The Customer Service Center of Dominion Power is available for each state. The availability of state-wise Dominion Power customer support allows users to seek prompt assistance when experiencing any issue or having queries related to the company’s service.

For example, if a user belongs to Virginia, he/she can find assistance from Dominion Virginia (VA) Power customer service by selecting the Virginia state on the homepage of Dominion energy. As you will select the Virginia state on the homepage, you will be directed to the next page where you will find the various support option to get assistance for your problem or query.

Dominion Virginia (VA) Power Customer Service Phone Number

The first support option you will find at Dominion Virginia (VA) Power Customer Service is the customer support phone number. Simply dial the given number within the given timing to easily get support for your problem.

  • Dominion Virginia (VA) Power Customer Service Phone Number: 866-366-4357
  • Timing: Monday to Friday 08: 00 AM to 05: 00 PM
  • Outside the United States: 001-757-857-2112

Other Support Options

While you can call on the above mentioned phone numbers to contact Dominion Virginia Power Customer Service, you can find direct assistance for certain queries by clicking on the following links:

Clicking on these links will direct you to the relevant page where you will find the information regarding the particular query. Simply follow the information given on the page to get your query resolved at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dominion Power Customer Service also provides assistance to the customers through its Frequently Asked Questions section. You can find the FAQs section for Service and Billing & Payment below.

Account Support

If you need help with your Dominion Power account such as resetting the password, forgot username, updating phone number/email address, etc., you can do so easily by going to the “Manage Account Support” page of Dominion Energy Customer Service.  Here, you will find the instructional guide for different topics that you can use to get assistance.

So, these are support options that you can use to contact Dominion Virginia (VA) Power Customer Service for assistance. Similarly, if you belong to east Ohio, you can go to the Dominion East Ohio Customer Service page by selecting the OHIO state on the homepage of Dominion Energy.

With so many assistance options available, you can easily find appropriate assistance for your problem related to Dominion Power services.

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