DIRECTV Customer Support Service Phone Number

DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number

DirectTV, also mentioned as DIRECTV, is a reputed American direct broadcast satellite service provider offering digital satellite television and audio to households which includes numerous local television stations, broadcast television networks, private video services, subscription television services, satellite radio services with hundreds of channels. Currently owned by AT&T, the company also offers high-speed internet service and phone service. And to make sure that customers have a flawless experience, the company offers reliable assistance through its DirectTV customer support.

Why You Need DIRECTV Customer Service

Some issues and errors can occur some or the other time when you are using DirectTV services. Some of the most common issues or queries for which users seek assistance are listed below:

1.) Receiving error code 203 with a message “Service Interrupted. See or call 800.531.5000, ext. 203”.

2.) Seeing error message that reads “No user activity for the last 4 hours. Going into Power Saving mode”.

3.) Getting “DVR Busy” message when trying to stream a recorded show on my device. How to fix it?

4.) Unable to stream live and recorded shows from the DIRECTV App.

5.) Having video quality issues with my ESPN streaming content.

6.) Unable to find the DIRECTV CoPilot feature.

7.) How to watch DIRECTTV on a computer, smartphone, or tablet?

8.) How to connect a new Wireless Genie Mini?

9.) Having problem managing DIRECTV account since it moved to

10.) The receiver seems to be overheating. How to fix it?

While these are the most common issues and queries reported by users to DirectTV customer support, if you have any issue or query other than the above-mentioned, you can easily seek assistance from DirectTV customer support only.

How to Contact DirectTV Customer Service?

Reaching DirectTV customer support is quite easy. Whether you need assistance for your satellite television, account & billing, or phone Internet and phone service, for you issue and queries, you can choose from the following assistance options available at DirectTV customer support.

DIRECTV Phone Support

  • 531.5000
  • General support is available every day, 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. ET
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day

Contact a DIRECTV for a Business specialist:

Troubleshoot My Service:

Account Management:



DIRECTV Programming:

DIRECTV Streaming:

Mobile Apps &

Ordering DIRECTV:

Receivers & Other Equipment:


  • YouTube:
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So, these are the reliable assistance options available at DirectTV customer support. If you need more information on DirectTV product and services, you can reach the official website via link

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