Dell Computer Customer Service Phone Number

Dell doesn’t need any introduction as a computer designer, developer, and seller of Laptops, Desktops, All in ones, 2 in 1 laptop, and monitors. Having such a wide range of computer products under its belt, Dell computers have a great reputation among both home buyers and office buyers.

How to Contact Dell Computer Customer Service?

You can call the Dell Computer Customer Service team in case you face any issue with your Dell computer laptops. Below you will find the official Dell Computer Customer Service phone number.

Home Users – Premium Support (24/7)  1-800-348-6147

Home Users in Warranty (24/7)  1-800-624-9896

Home Users – Fee-Based Out of Warranty (7 am – 12 am CST) 1-800-288-4410

Monitor Support (24/7)  1-866-618-2044

Common Issues with Dell Computers

1.) Touchpad Stopped Working: Fault in the touchpad and frequent freezing and skipping of the mouse is one of the common issues in Dell computers.

2.) Laptop Only Running with Battery: Dell laptop is working only with battery and not with main power.

3.) Overheating Issue: When using a Dell computer for a longer period of time, it heats up and shuts down on its own.

4.) Distorted Display: Videos and games appear to be distorted on the Dell computer screen.

5.) Boot issue in Laptops: Dell laptop is not able to boot properly and the screen tends to get black after some time.

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